enamorados de la vida

viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Aunque intenta convencerse a si misma sus palabras van acompañadas de tristeza y melancolía.Quiere creer lo que dice,dejar de pensar en él, pero no es tarea fácil.Desde hace 4 días, él es su vida.¿Como  a podido llegar a eso? no lo entiende. Es incapaz de comprender como Ángel la ha conquistado de tal manera que no existe nada mas en el mundo. Eso tiene que acabar.

-Canciones para Paula.

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  1. 'While trying to convince herself her words are accompanied by sadness and melancolía.Quiere believe what he says, but think of him, but not task fácil.Desde 4 days ago, it's your life. How to have come to that ? do not understand. He is unable to understand how Angel has conquered so that there is nothing else in the world. That has to stop.'

    Welcome for the comments. I know we bloggers can always use comments, me as well.

    I think one has to live his or her own life. Being open to advice is good, from God essential from others, as in people, that is to be weighed.:)

    Blessings to you and family this Holiday Season...

    1. is only a fragment of part of the book I'm reading, just for your family.

      thanks for the comments!:))